our story

Founded in 2013, AM/FM Inc. is one of the most up-and-coming marketing and communications agencies. We are small but have a cohesive team of experienced and eager advertising and marketing professionals, each with their own background and passion for the industry. Together, we provide our clients with branding and communication solutions that are strategically positioned and uniquely focused on meeting objectives, budgets, and timelines. As required, AM/FM partners with other industry experts to bring in specialized understanding to help grow our clients’ business. We have a vast network of seasoned and talented freelance digital and traditional strategists, writers, designers, and web developers that round out our team when required.

The size of our agency works to our clients’ advantage in a number of important ways. We are streamlined and do not carry excess overhead. We understand the value of time and your bottom line. We are committed. We are dynamic. And we are hungry, motivated, and genuinely inspired to exceed expectations on every project. Working with us is not complicated, complex or overwhelming; we roll up our sleeves and deliver hard-working communication materials. Our team has experience across a range of industry sectors, providing invaluable perspective and insight.